Connecting candidates with clients since 2007


Elite Selection have been helping clients and candidates connect across the uk since 2007

We understand the importance of selecting the right people when any organisation is searching for talent to join their business.

We also understand how important it is for any individual looking for a new role to join a business that is right for them.   When working with anyone searching for a new role we explore your full potential to make certain we market you effectively to companies. By operating in this way the matching process between client and candidate is a smooth and successful one.  

Jobs have colours just like you!

In so many cases people are in the wrong job which can affect their wellbeing. They often don’t feel valued, appreciated, are in a rut or resent their line manager/current employer. If you dig a little deeper it often becomes apparent why.

By incorporating IMA, a colour based, universal language it helps ensure that when we introduce clients and candidates together they experience more successful outcomes. In this ever changing fast paced world we live in I believe it’s even more important to embrace IMA so you can understand your natural style and the needs of others.

If you would like to find out more please feel free to get in touch or why not complete an IMA questionnaire to find out what colour you are and receive some FREE helpful information how you can successfully communicate with others.