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Guaranteed to Deliver ROI 


We are committed to working with you in the long term, so we measure our success on your results. We focus on measurement and accountability to help you drive real sales impact in your business.


We believe you deserve more from your sales training.

A recent sales training study revealed that 87% of skills learnt were forgotten within one month. We don’t believe this is good enough. We believe you deserve more from your sales training.

At Elite Selection we have raised the bar when it comes to sales training. Everything we do is designed to make it easy for you to drive KPIs and ROI. We have created sales training that actually works.

Built by Sales Leaders, for Sales Leaders.

At Elite Selection, we have all been sales leaders and we understand the frustrations of traditional sales training. Often with out-dated material, delivered by an outdated trainer, traditional approaches offer little incentive for learners to apply their learning. Although these approaches may be seen as a ‘nice day out of the office’, they make it impossible to prove any long term impact.

We know you expect more from sales training so we built Elite Selection, and all our training programmes, to achieve the goals and personal targets of sales leaders like you.

How we drive ROI for you.

1. Game-changing sales approaches

Most salespeople make the same mistake: they look at sales situations from their own perspective and not their client’s. Through extensive research and experience into how buyers buy and what top sales professionals do differently, we have created a benchmark for sales excellence that drives everything we do. Using this, we help your teams look at everything from the client’s perspective. This enables them to see things differently and adopt sales methods that are proven to drive incredible results.

2. Measurement to prove impact and ROI

No measurement means no proof and therefore no business case. We measure the impact of training by focusing on the results that matter to you. Our specialist training enables you to achieve specific KPIs and smash your targets. If you want to improve sales revenue, conversion rates, average order value, pipeline, speed of sale (the list goes on) then we have the know-how to help you succeed. Plus, we can prove the impact we will have on your teams.

3. Easy for your sales team to use afterwards

Sales training is about changing behaviours, not just having a nice day out of the office. We have designed groundbreaking methods to make the adoption of new approaches simple and safe for both the salesperson and sales leader. This starts with our trainers who are truly different, holding people to account for their learning. Plus, all our programmes are designed to make our training stick. 


This stuff works!

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